My ConCarolinas Schedule!

Hey all,

If you’re in Charlotte, or can’t resist coming to town the first week of June,  come on over to

Here’s my schedule, or as final as they get before the fun starts. And FYI, I’ll be doing an hour long talk on Intellectual Property and protecting your art. Friday at 3:30.

Friday, June 2

3:30pm Legally Protecting Your Art  (Presentation)
6:00pm I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords (Moderator)

11:30pm The Dark Side of the Internet
Saturday, June 3

10:00am Raising the Next Generation of Scientists (Moderator)

1:00pm Colonizing Mars (Moderator)

4:00pm Visiting Our Neighbors
7:00pm The Science of Star Wars
8:00pm Mental Health and Wellness for Creative People (Moderator)

11:30pm Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow
Sunday, June 4

10:30am Hollywood and Science
12:30pm Folklore and Urban Legends (Moderator)
1:30pm How Science Fiction Influences Science Fact