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My ConCarolinas Schedule!

Hey all,

If you’re in Charlotte, or can’t resist coming to town the first week of June,  come on over to

Here’s my schedule, or as final as they get before the fun starts. And FYI, I’ll be doing an hour long talk on Intellectual Property and protecting your art. Friday at 3:30.

Friday, June 2

3:30pm Legally Protecting Your Art  (Presentation)
6:00pm I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords (Moderator)

11:30pm The Dark Side of the Internet
Saturday, June 3

10:00am Raising the Next Generation of Scientists (Moderator)

1:00pm Colonizing Mars (Moderator)

4:00pm Visiting Our Neighbors
7:00pm The Science of Star Wars
8:00pm Mental Health and Wellness for Creative People (Moderator)

11:30pm Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow
Sunday, June 4

10:30am Hollywood and Science
12:30pm Folklore and Urban Legends (Moderator)
1:30pm How Science Fiction Influences Science Fact

October Frights Blog Hop – 2016


I love this time of year. Summer is giving way to fall. The days are warm, and the nights have that touch of a chill.

The leaves show their true colors.

At the core of it all, I see this time of year as the core of storytelling. Why do I say this? Where the spring is the time of youth, of hope, of promise, we enter the time of year of the harvest, when we have reaped what we have sown.

For many ancient cultures, this is the time of year when we celebrate a life fulfilled, or a death come too soon in the harshness of winter.

What better time of year to gather around a campfire and try to scare one another?

To celebrate, my Halloween story, “Spirits of the Season” will be free the entire month of October here! Use code Oct2016.

Even more, use code Scare2016 and get a 25% discount on everything!

But there’s more! every day of the October 10 – 15 October Frights Blog Hop, I’ll be giving something away! Check back… if you dare.

And since you’re here, check out some of my fellow authors on the tour.


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#NoVacancy but still a lot of fun

Somewhere not too long ago, I linked in through ye olde book of the faceless to the Charlotte Storytellers group, and it looked like thy put on a lot of fun stuff, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to make an event until last night.

Here’s the description, just for reference:

NoVacancy is a summer-long installation featuring art, music, dance and theater performances organized by the talented Taproot Ensemble.

Furniture maker Jeffrey Barninger (of Union Shop Studio) has built a “motel” inside C3 Lab, and local artists have filled each room with items and art.

Each week, a new performance will activate the space in a new way. On Friday, June 17 th , Charlotte Storytellers will lead an interactive workshop that investigates how a physical space can inspire ideas, memories and stories. We will do exercises, play games and share fictional and personal narratives, for an interactive storytelling experience.

I’ll admit, I might have been sold just because it said beer included.

I won’t give too much away, but I can say it was a fun improvisational and immersive experience!

My one shot of the evening…

IMG_1503Imagine if you will… checking into the old roadside motel from the 60’s…

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to the Jeff for the fantastic environment, C3 labs for hosting, and most of all to the group of people from Charlotte Storytellers!

They have a podcast too – look for!





Con Carolinas and Cover Reveal

Hello all!

I’m back from meeting a ton of people at xConWorld in Myrtle beach, and am taking my time this weekend to prepare for Con Carolinas!

If you’re in Charlotte, or want to come on by, my speaking schedule is getting full for the weekend.

Now to the good stuff!

The big cover reveal for Book 3 of the Home Summonings series. Unbound and Determined:

unbound_cover_frontGreyson Forrester, born and raised to be a powerful wizard, has survived his trial but left with bigger mysteries behind it all than before. Discovering the trial was just the first battle in a much longer war and the veils between the realms nearly impenetrable, Grey’s lost everything and is again on the run, trying to keep a tenuous hold on life and discover if his restored powers are a gift or a curse.
Lost, injured, and alone, someone makes the offer he can’t refuse. To save the two women he loves, and amend for the trail of destruction in his wake, all he has to do is one little job.
One thing is certain.
The ferryman’s price is a lot more expensive on the return trip from the land of the dead.

Are you interested in a review copy? Blog post? Me just running my mouth in general?  e-mail me at


Come see me in Williamsburg this weekend!

If you’re planning on coming to RavenCon this weekend, come by my table and say Hi. Among the events going on:

RavenCon folks, you’re invited to join the Weird Wild West book party on Friday at 10pm!
Come join Emily Leverett, Margaret S. McGraw, and Gail Martin to celebrate the wildest West that never was!
Signings, giveaways and raffles. And books for sale of course! grin emoticon