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Happy Halloween 2016!


As with my other Halloween posts this year, I’m addressing our fears.

And bad rhyming.

And I am issuing a challenge.

I challenge you to confront your fear by doing something creative every day. For many people, the idea of creating something, and then telling the world we’ve done it can be almost as terrifying as public speaking.

No matter what you create, do it first for yourself.

For you writers, NANOWRIMO starts tomorrow, November 1st.

If you are not aware, #NANOWRIMO month is dedicated to the idea of writing a novel in the month of November. A good target is 50,000 words for the 30 days.

That’s just 1667 words a day!

Admittedly, I have mixed emotions about it. It’s easy to think that December 1 you are cranking out cover letters and sending off your newly minted gem to publishers, and just waiting for the contracts and film rights to roll in. (Gentle pat on the head.)

You have a first draft. It’s crap. It might be worth having reviewed, doing developmental editing, and seeing if there’s a real story there. But it’s going to need work.

But here is what else you have.

You have accomplished your mission. You have created something.

Not only that, but you now have some skills and habits, even if a few are bad ones. And you have developed a little discipline. All of this is valuable.

And December 1? Do it again. Start something new.

And if you failed just like your diet on January 2nd? Do you curl up and quit?


Yes, you have a goal of 1667 words a day. Some days will be great. Some days will suck. Some days will be Black Friday. Just because you miss your goal for the day isn’t reason to lose your mind, it’s just motivation to pick up the next day. You’re competing against a deadline, it’s true. But there isn’t a publisher’s contract at the other end.

So no, it’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. But few worthwhile things in life are.

So tonight, have a Happy Halloween.

And tomorrow, try something else that scares you. Create.

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