I’m editing… or should be

Book 3 in the Home  Summonings series is coming soon! Unbound and Determined.

In the interim, I’m working on a few other items, mostly editing.

Seeing as how I’m apparently one of three people on the planet not getting to Civil War this weekend, I decided to throw on a different property in the background for noise while I was editing.

Tonight’s lucky winner, the flaming pile of a mess that is the latest failed attempt at Fantastic 4. If anything, it succeeded at being the worst superhero film I’ve seen since the 80’s.

But as it got to the finale, I noticed something.

Victor Von Doom now looks like a tronified version of Darth Vader. He built a giant tripod and lit up a wormhole beneath it like an overgrown Bunsen burner. That’s finally when I started laughing.

An alternate universe of this version of the Fab 4 is responsible for Tolkien’s universe.

  • Dr. Doom founded his own world, and ultimately named his landing place Mount Doom.
  • The eye of Sauron? The wormhole, after it sucked the earth through.
  • The shire, and hobbits? Earth and people compressed as they are sucked through said wormhole.
  • And orcs? Something had to happen with DC as it was sucked through.

Back to #amediting!

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