Melvin’s Mangled Myths

HI!  I’m Melvin!

So if you don’t know who I am, then obviously you haven’t read any of the Home Summonings series.  So Shhhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.

I’m an angel.  Of sorts.  And a muse, tinkerer, and all around fun sorta guy.  And if you have an apocalypse scheduled, let me know.  I’m all in.  I’m still trying to fix some of the things we got wrong this time, and I have a LOT of notes.  I’m not sure they’ll survive, but if they do, next time I am creating a law of the universe that prohibits boy bands and the color orange.  (Editorial note from the admin – I snuck in the bit about the color orange.  Melvin is a bit ambivalent.)

This is my new corner where I’m going to tell the real stories about your favorite myths and legends so you know the truth!

If you have a legend where you want to know the truth – drop me a line at


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There's madness to my methods… oh wait…