#NoVacancy but still a lot of fun

Somewhere not too long ago, I linked in through ye olde book of the faceless to the Charlotte Storytellers group, and it looked like thy put on a lot of fun stuff, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to make an event until last night.

Here’s the description, just for reference:

NoVacancy is a summer-long installation featuring art, music, dance and theater performances organized by the talented Taproot Ensemble.

Furniture maker Jeffrey Barninger (of Union Shop Studio) has built a “motel” inside C3 Lab, and local artists have filled each room with items and art.

Each week, a new performance will activate the space in a new way. On Friday, June 17 th , Charlotte Storytellers will lead an interactive workshop that investigates how a physical space can inspire ideas, memories and stories. We will do exercises, play games and share fictional and personal narratives, for an interactive storytelling experience.

I’ll admit, I might have been sold just because it said beer included.

I won’t give too much away, but I can say it was a fun improvisational and immersive experience!

My one shot of the evening…

IMG_1503Imagine if you will… checking into the old roadside motel from the 60’s…

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to the Jeff for the fantastic environment, C3 labs for hosting, and most of all to the group of people from Charlotte Storytellers!

They have a podcast too – look for http://www.charlottestorytellers.com/!





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