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My ConCarolinas Schedule!

Hey all,

If you’re in Charlotte, or can’t resist coming to town the first week of June,  come on over to http://www.concarolinas.org/

Here’s my schedule, or as final as they get before the fun starts. And FYI, I’ll be doing an hour long talk on Intellectual Property and protecting your art. Friday at 3:30.

Friday, June 2

3:30pm Legally Protecting Your Art  (Presentation)
6:00pm I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords (Moderator)

11:30pm The Dark Side of the Internet
Saturday, June 3

10:00am Raising the Next Generation of Scientists (Moderator)

1:00pm Colonizing Mars (Moderator)

4:00pm Visiting Our Neighbors
7:00pm The Science of Star Wars
8:00pm Mental Health and Wellness for Creative People (Moderator)

11:30pm Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow
Sunday, June 4

10:30am Hollywood and Science
12:30pm Folklore and Urban Legends (Moderator)
1:30pm How Science Fiction Influences Science Fact