Book 2: Mistrials and Tribulations

Mistrials and Tribulations – Greyson Forrester was born and raised to be a powerful wizard. Then it all came crashing down when friends and family were killed when he was a teenager and he got the blame. His powers bound and banished from his home, he was given seven years to figure out what happened and to try and clear his name.
He is hot on the trail of the Winter forces and Erebite cultists to save one he loves, before his own time runs out. In the process, hands reach out from the past, and from beyond the grave to ask for his help in return for links to his own history, and why he was banished from his home.

With more than just his life hanging in the balance, answers get snatched from his grasp when the Inquest calls him home early.

Who knew that dying could be the easiest part of your day?

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