Why we love Halloween, the fourth turning

Continued from the third act…
So back to the original question. What is it we love about Halloween?
To me, it’s simple.
It’s a celebration of life that lets us thumb our noses at our mortality.
According to the latest in psychology, there are four core emotions. The first three; Anger, Sadness, and Fear are all negative. They embody the face of the holiday going back through time.
What is the fourth?
Happiness. Joy.
Every single day, we put on the masks we show our families, our friends, our co-workers. Deep down, every one of us has some little part we refuse to share with the world for fear of it being taken or broken.
As kids, we got to run free, oblivious to the dangers of the world around us. Even Superman was vulnerable to Kryptonite. We had no such weaknesses.
Unless you fell down and skinned a knee.
As adults, we live in a world driven more by fear every day, even though at least in North America, the statistics show we are safer than ever before. Yes, there are problems. Difficult ones.
And this is why Halloween is such a beautiful holiday.
It reminds us we are all mortal.
Under the implied threat of trick-or-treat, we give gifts to friends, family, and complete strangers who show up at our door.
We get to express our creativity, making and wearing costumes that let us put on a different face, even if but for a little while.
We get to take on “safe” fear in haunted houses and scary movies.
And it all feeds our primordial instincts to survive by letting us vent so many stresses in a safe way.
Halloween connects us to our ancestors, our family, and our friends who are no longer with us, and reminds us they are only as far away as a thought. We can choose which memories to call up, and the emotions it invokes.
So this Halloween, get dressed up, and be what scares you the most. And revel in it!

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