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Thanks to the guys at Project Archivist who turned me loose to talk about a lot of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Faith, Ethos in Technology, Faith, and other paths I’ve travelled.

The episode is here, so take a listen!

A few people have asked for more info on some of the things I brought up in the episode, so here are a few resources! As I find interesting developments, I’ll post them here and elsewhere.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


A primer on Artificial Intelligence:

The concept of creating intelligent machines goes back into history almost as far as the first complex devices. Myth and legend are full of automatons and other devices invested with varying degrees of intelligence.

In the modern era, Artificial Intelligence was taken from the pages of science fiction and made a formal science at a conference at Dartmouth College in the mid 1050’s.

At its most base level, artificial intelligence is the blending of hard sciences and technology, psychology (cognitive modeling) and philosophy (conceptual ideas and constructs) to create systems and technologies that have the ability to learn and make decisions.

The level at which these systems operate depends on the reason for its development and creation. No matter what, it makes greater inroads into our lives on a daily basis.

AI and other disciplines:


Google’s programs in AI:

Research at Google:

Deep Mind AI is learning to speak:

Self Driving Cars:

Google vs. Tesla in Self Driving Cars:


Business Intelligence – As a type of Expert System and a subset of Artificial Intelligence (And where I have worked much of my career) It is the process of building rule sets to automate regular processes, and is something we interact with every day. Now largely considered a separate discipline, there is a great deal of blending between the two. Much of the work developed is not only the sets of business rules crafted, but also the psychology of the users and those affected by the decisions of these systems.

Latest news:

Chatbots and customer service:

BI and Robosigning:

BI and Robosigning:

TED Talks on BI:


The Singularity

It’s near:

You can be a bot:


Game Theory

What is game theory (and one of my favorite topics)?:


Robotics and AI


The AI I mentioned – The Ken project:


Turing Tests  and beyond

Turing Tests:

Successor to the test:

Detecting AI’s:


AI and Ethos

AI Judges a beauty contest with questionable results:

Fear of AI:

Should Self Driving Cars kill?:


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